Tips on How to Sleep Soundly Despite Noisy Surroundings


It is tough to sleep soundly when you live in a noisy neighborhood, with a snoring roommate, or with a noisy appliance.

Noise is one of the common reasons for sleep deprivation; worse, when a person is sleep-deprived for too long, it could cause various health problems. Fortunately, there is a simple hack on how to block out noise.

Tip #1: Try the behavioral approach

Through behavioral adjustments and sleep-encouraging habits, sleeping soundly in a noisy environment is one of the most effective techniques. A behavioral approach to better sleeping opportunities includes the following:

  • Forget the noise – It may seem impossible to do so; but when it comes to falling asleep, even if you are surrounded with loud noises, acknowledging the noise and stressing that you can sleep through it, works every time.
  • Allow your mind to focus on something else – If forgetting the noise isn’t still working, try to relax and let your mind wander on to something else. You may start it with deep breathing exercises, visualization, and or meditation.
  • Try to take a rest earlier – Sleeping early can also be impossible, especially when your neighbor is loud. However, if you try to take a rest before your scheduled time to sleep, this allows your body to feel less tense, which will make you feel you are falling asleep.  

Tip #2: Distract noise with another noise

Another effective way to distract noise is to use another noise, but not with the distractive noise. White noise is a combination of numerous sound frequencies that has calming effects. Also, you could try listening to the music you that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Tip #3: Distract noise with noise cancellation headphones

Fortunately, there is another way to keep the noise out while you are trying to get some sleep and that is through noise cancellation headphones. These devices are designed to reduce or block the unwanted ambient sound by using active noise control.

Tip #4: Try to rearrange your bedroom furniture

One of the extreme moves is to rearrange your bedroom furniture. Try to set your bed at a place in your bedroom where you can hear less noise from the outside of your neighbor.

Tip #5: Use sound blockers

Soundproofing the room is the most efficient way to keep the sound from the outside of your bedroom. If you are in a tight budget, there are soundproofing foams that are reasonably affordable that are available in the market today.

Also, you may use blanket, fabric, and even pillows to block the sound that enters the bedroom. All you need to do is find where you can place the materials that can help reduce the noise. Soft items can absorb noise too; it may not be as efficient as soundproofing foams, it can help reduce the unwanted noise.

Final Thoughts

Noise is inevitable in a growing community; however, you can still get some peace during nighttime or whatever your scheduled time to sleep through the above-mentioned tips.


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