How to Tell When to Use a Blender or a Food Processor?


A blender and a food processor are two appliances that you’ll commonly see in a standard modern kitchen. These devices are extremely helpful when it comes to food preparation and making drinks. Blending, mixing, crushing, and processing ingredients have never been this simple and fast.

Beginners usually confuse the function of a food processor and blender. Yes, they share similarities; however, these appliances have varying purposes. So, when can you tell which one of these appliances to use?

Here is a simple guide that’ll help you understand more about blenders and food processors.

When to Use a Food Processor?

Most newbies find it confusing whether to buy a food processor, a blender or purchase these two appliances. Choosing which one to buy isn’t that hard. All you have to do is determine the functions of each device.

The primary function of a food processor is to mix and blend dry ingredients. It is also ideal for labor-intensive food prep such as slicing vegetables, fruits, and mixing dough. It is because food processors are powerful enough to perform these tasks.

Moreover, it can withstand the impact of slicing and mixing tougher ingredients unlike standard home kitchen blenders. Therefore, food processors are best for tougher culinary tasks.

Examples of recipes you can do on a food processor are dips, butters, chopped vegetables, baking, and shredded cheeses.

When to use a Blender?

As you already know, a standard blender can mix softer ingredients and liquid. You can use this kitchen appliance for making smoothies, shakes, soups, and purees.

This type of kitchen appliance is not strong enough for tougher duties. If you force it to crush hard ingredients, the motor could overheat and the blades will get damaged. Hence, it is suitable for less intensive tasks in the kitchen.

However, did you know that some blenders characterize both functions of a regular blender and a food processor?

Two-in-One Function of Powerful Blenders

One example of a powerful blender that can perform as a food processor is Ninja Blender. This kitchen device has incredible motor power and variable speed control that allow users to manage the equipment effectively.

A Ninja Blender can make the best smoothies, shakes, soups, sauces, salsa, purees, and baby food. It can also perform heavy culinary tasks like pulverizing hard ingredients such as nuts and ice. Moreover, this blender is powerful enough to mix thick recipes for baking. In a nutshell, this blender is a hybrid of two standard kitchen appliances.

Instead of buying a food processor and a blender, why not get a Ninja Blender? It will save you more money and less effort in looking for a food processor or blender to buy.

Ninja Blender is a well-known kitchen appliances brand. It received high ratings from customers and fantastic product reviews from online sources. If you want to check out examples of these reviews, click here for more info.

Searching for a reliable kitchen appliance is not a hard task with the help of a useful guide. If you’ve got questions about this product or if you are looking for a good blender to buy, check out the Prime Shop Kitchen.


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