Guide in Selecting the Best Oxford Dress Shoes


Compared to other shoe wears, the Oxford dress shoe has a defining feature that makes it unique and recognizable. It is its lacing system. However, other people mistake any laced-up shoes as Oxfords even though it has an open lace arrangement. In this article guide, you will be able to determine what an Oxford dress shoe is all about.

The first thing that you need to remember and a prominent feature of Oxford is it has laces. It is not like a Monk Strap that has straps and is way different to a Chelsea boot. Second, Oxford has a closed-lace system instead of the open-laced system of the Derby dress shoe. But other people might be confused about what those features mean.

What Makes an Oxford an Oxford?

The upper of Oxford consists of two parts, which are the vamp and the quarters. Here is the description of these two parts:

  • Quarters

The quarters are a part of a dress shoe specifically in the upper. It wraps around the heel and meets the vamp in the middle of the foot.

  • Vamp

The vamp is also in the upper of the shoe. It functions as a cover for the instep and toes.

What are the Types of Oxfords?

In America, they have another name for Oxford, which is “balmoral” or “bal-type.” However, in Europe, they call it Oxford, and the balmoral is a different shoe for them.

Here are some of the Oxford shoe types:

  • Plain Oxford

This Oxford type mainly consists of the vamp and the quarter. It does not have broguing or a leather cap. If you want to be simple yet elegant, this is your go-to type.

If you are going to wear it with a black and white tie during an evening event, you can settle with black plain Oxford.

  • Cap Toe Oxford

This type is sometimes referred to as cap-toe or captoe. It is one of the most popular styles of Oxford in the shoe industry. When it comes to color preference, most men choose the color black. However, you can also choose from other colors like oxblood, cognac, brown, and tan.

  • Wingtip Oxford/Brogue

The difference of this type from other Oxford types is it has a pointed toe cap. Moreover, it has wingtip extensions that extend around the sides of the shoe.

Technically speaking, this type should be considered an Oxford. However, it is generally identified as Brogue.

When you look at it from above the cap, you will notice that it is shaped into a “W” or an “M.”The Wingtip Oxford is considered to be more casual compared to the Cap Toe.

  • Saddle Oxford

This Oxford type does not have any toe caps but it has an additional leather strip that runs across the shoes’ middle part down to the sole. The piece is usually in a contrasting color, while the heel caps may or may not be in a contrasting color.

Saddle Oxford is considered to be American style, but it is offered by the shoe industry all over the world.

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