Get that Caffeine Fix with this Awesome French Press Coffee Maker


Coffee lovers will know the difference between quality of coffee which is usually sold in different cafe shops or stores. Some will most likely get their caffeine fix in their favorite coffee shops, but preparing one’s own coffee is such a beautiful experience. Imagine smelling the aroma around your home while you’re on your PJs comfortably.

Getting the best French Press Coffee can be challenging; especially those with unique and excellent features. However, this high quality french press coffee maker will definitely change your life. Read this entire article to know why people are obsessed with this French press coffee maker.

Bean Envy French Press Coffee, Espresso, and Tea Maker

Amazing Features

Bean Envy French Press is known for its amazing features. In just one machine, people can do so much in the kitchen other than preparing the best coffee. The glass which was used in this French press is heat resistant; so there is no need to worry when warming up water to prepare your coffee. Experts who designed this French press made sure that all parts of this machine is washable to make sure the coffee that is being prepared using Bean Envy French Press is clean and is not contaminated. As what was previously described and mentioned, this French press is obviously not limited in preparing coffee, but this machine is also capable of brewing tea, straining vegetables, rinsing quinoa, rehydrating dried food, and the last but not the least, make espresso.

Advantages in Choosing Bean Envy French Press

If you are going to read the reviews of this French press, you would rarely find bad reviews because Bean Envy French Press does everything as what is promised when advertising this machine. Compared to other French press, this machine is very easy to clean. Those who will be using this French press for the first time won’t experience any difficulty in using this machine because it comes with a manual which gives detailed information about what the user needs to know about Bean Envy French Press.

When it comes to possibly encountering a problem upon purchasing this machine, people will have the confidence that it will be easily resolved because they are known in giving an excellent customer service. Whatever is the concern of the user with regards to this French press, they always do their best in addressing it immediately. Together with the best customer service, they offer a lifetime warranty. Overall, considering the design of this French press and what it is capable of doing, its awesome features, and most importantly the best customer service and a lifetime warranty, what more can people ask for?

Final Verdict

Bean Envy French Press is seriously worth the try! There is so much you can do in just one machine. In days that you don’t feel like getting your caffeine fix, but want something healthy instead, you may choose to prepare food instead or brew a tea. Those with quality coffee beans won’t have to worry about possible wasting their beans because this French press already comes with a stainless steel filter which can be reused unlike buying and using filters.

With its amazing features, you will surely not regret buying this one. Using Bean Envy French Press, waking up in the morning and getting the chance to read a book or read updates on the internet while waiting for one’s coffee fix is such a calming morning routine.                      


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