Buyer’s Guide: Tips on How to Choose the Best Flushing Toilet


The bathroom area is one of the important parts of the house or any commercial area. And inside it, the toilet is a necessity.

If you are planning for a bathroom renovation or thinking about changing the toilet with a new and efficient flushing toilet, here are some useful tips on how to choose the right toilet for you:

Tip #1: Consider the height of the toilet

There are several different types, designs, and brands of toilets; these differences may include the size of the toilet or the height. If you are going to purchase any toilet in general, choose a toilet with a standard height, where everyone will get used to it. However, if you prefer a toilet that is a little higher than the standard height, choose a toilet that is 2 – 3 inches taller than the usual; it may be an additional height but it is still considerable for everyone to use, even the children.

Tip #2: It must be water-efficient

Did you know that the average amount of water that is being flushed away peruse is 5 – 7 gallons? If you are going to purchase a new flushing toilet today, choose a toilet that is water efficient and can flush the toilet at about 1.6 per flush or 1.08 per flush.

Also, in most cases, an efficient flushing toilet is designed and manufactured according to the standards of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and has a WaterSense label. This is guaranteeing that the toilet flush is releasing water at a considerable amount. So, if you are going to purchase a flushing toilet, make sure that it has a WaterSense label or has the local certification guaranteeing that the flushing toilet is water-efficient.

However, if you aren’t familiar with certifications and labels, try to consider buying a flushing toilet with dual flush – this will help you save up a few dollars for water consumption since one of the flushes is often designed with a low volume of flushing. Try to check these top rated flushing toilets and find out how water-efficient they are.

Tip #3: Consider the shape of the toilet

Toilets that are available in the market today are different in shapes too – some toilets are popularly designed round, while there are toilets that have elongated bowls. If you are going to choose one of the two, choose according to your definition of comfort. For instance, most of the plus-sized individuals would prefer a toilet bowl that is elongated in shape.

Tip #4: Getting reliable reviews

Critical reviews on a product that the consumer is using are very useful for most first time buyers; this helps them decide whether the product is worth purchasing or not. If you are planning to purchase a flushing toilet today, make sure that it is packed with great and reliable reviews from other consumers too.

Also, for additional details about this year’s best flushing toilets, try to visit Home Addons’ website – one of the reliable websites that talks about home, bathroom, and kitchen favorite pick.


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