A Floor Jack for Your Vehicle Needs


All this time, you’re probably getting used to a scissor jack to lift up your car when doing repairs or check-ups. It’s a viable tool when you’re on the road owing to its transportability, but when you’re just at your garage, you’ll want to use the larger floor jacks. Not only that you’ll be lifting up your car without as much effort as you’d exert on the scissor jack, you’ll actually find this kind of jack convenient to use.

Don’t worry; floor jacks have now been designed to fit in your garage. But you’ll need more than a compact floor jack; you’ll need one that is potentially at the top of the competition. Auto Aid Outlet says that it is the Blackhawk B6350 3.5-ton steel floor jack. Auto Aid Outlet is dedicated in giving relevant tips on what floor jacks one can get; especially on the Blackhawk floor jack. You can know more about it through their review at http://autoaidoutlet.com/blackhawk-b6350-black-red-fast-lift-service-jack-3-5-ton-capacity-review/.

The Blackhawk Jack

The Blackhawk floor jack features a design that racing crews everywhere would prefer: the Bypass feature is a device that basically allows the user to speed up the pumping of the lever without running the risk of the jack jamming up. This allows users to push the pumping speed of the Blackjack floor jack, and this is crucial in race pit stops where racing crews need to be quick.

The jack is also a good complement to the tools of the private car owner. Though it cannot come with you and your car like the scissor jack usually does, it can stay in your garage and be good at it; most floor jacks are shunned by private car owners due to them having large sizes, making them hard to store even in a garage. However, the Blackhawk jack begs itself to be different, and indeed it is. With a height of just under six inches and length and width of 30 inches and 14.75 inches, respectively, the floor jack will not take as much of your garage space as other floor jacks. Coupled with the maximum lifting height at 22 inches, its specifications are quite good for a floor jack that can be taken home.

Aside from the Bypass device, the Blackhawk floor jack also has rolled side frames that reduces twisting and increases the strength of the jack. A safety valve in the jack prevents overloading. The steel-aluminum combination, though making the jack a bit too heavy at 90 pounds, is a guarantee that the jack will take on the most arduous of car body jobs.

Being available in Amazon, which should ensure that you’re never too far away from getting one, the Blackhawk jack actually suffers from the limited number of stocks it has in the online store. Worse, the reports that the jack is not that easy to find may make one think of starting to look for one. You’d be lucky to see one in your local hardware!

The Blackhawk floor jack is a healthy combination of strength, upheld safety standards, and convenience that it can do. From the home garage through the car body machine shop to the Indy 500’s pit stops, the jack can be there to help you out in any vehicle-related trouble. Now that you know of its limited availability, you should consider getting one today!


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