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Work Injury Massage Therapy

If you experience a work injury, don't brush it off!

Immediately report your injury to your supervisor and then, go to the emergency room or the doctor of your choice and let them know the details of the work injury.  The doctor will exam you and file necessary work injury claim forms with L & I. You need to make sure you file a form with your employer so that they are aware of the reason for your work absence or need for rehabilitation and recovery time, or altered duty requirements. ( You may be restricted on certain activities but able to do others ) If your claim is accepted by Labor & Industries, then workers compensation will cover necessary medical, rehabilitation and typically massage if recommended by the doctor.


The doctor can recommend any treatments you may need on the accident report form, that you and your doctor complete. The form must contain the signature of a doctor or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. Your doctor will file your claim with Labor and Industries for processing.

Labor and Industries will normally approve your claim if the doctor certifies that you were injured at a specific time and place at work, or have an occupational disease, which is why it's important to see a doctor immediately when you suffer an injury at work or notice unusual symptoms that may be the first signs of an occupational disease. Benefits cover medicals costs as well as other compensation.


Labor and Industries does reject claims if the doctor can't certify that your medical condition is connected to something specific from work. This standard often requires your L & I claim manager to collect background information about the accident and your work and medical history. So don't put off getting checked because minor injuries can get exaggerated if not tended to.

It is very common for people who perform the same body movements/motions during their work day to eventually have a Repetition Injury. Many employees hesitate to report a shoulder injury, for example, because they don’t know when “the injury occurred.” All doctors recognize this fact and know that the injury/painful shoulder is a direct result of “daily repetitive motion.”

It's not uncommon for injured workers to miss some work during the rehabilitation and recovery process. You can return to work gradually and still receive medical as well as other benefits. If you are only able to work part time L & I often will reimburse you for the difference, according to their schedule.

10 reasons to get a massage:

  1. Massage naturally & organically assists in our health maintenance.

  2. Massage lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

  3. Massage decreases anxiety and stress which increases the immune cell, this builds our immune system.

  4. Massage is therapeutic and enables your body to function better.

  5. Massage helps athletes recover from exertion sooner, which enhances their performance.

  6. Massage helps a child with ADD focus better and employees become more attentive.

  7. A surgical patient who receives massage recovers more quickly as a result of increased circulation, has less pain and better sleep with improved ability to fight infection.

  8. A dieter or smoker trying to quit has reduced cravings after a massage.

  9. Massage causes dopamine, serotonin and endorphins to become balanced. This encourages the production of natural killer cells, which fight pathogens. This balance also affects mood and emotions.

  10. Massage relieves aches and pains, reduces irritability, symptoms of depression, helps control hunger and cravings.

            Regular Massage does amazing things!


Your work injury claim will be closed when:

Your doctor or another physician certifies that your condition will not improve with further treatment. In other words they have done all that they can do.

L & I has no information of your need for any further treatment.

Completion of successful treatment and recovery.

This information for seeking care when injured at work can be found at: Washington Department of Labor and Industries web site.


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