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Fantastic Benefits Experienced By Others


It is difficult for me to put into words how amazing Kay and her team have treated me. I went through a very challenging time in my life physically and emotionally after a serious car accident and I could not have managed my condition without their support. The knowledge and skill sets Kay, Cathy, and Steve have are phenomenal and their ability to listen, educate, and actually care about your recovery is equally impressive. Although I went through this unfortunate event I am now in a much healthier and happier place in my life. I do not know what I would have done without them and I am so thankful they have changed my life. I continue to visit them- they can not get rid of me now! - Julie G, Seattle, WA

I injured my neck several years ago and had pain that extended into my left shoulder, and up into the back of my head. I went to doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, even energy healers for help to release the ongoing pain.  Then I went to “Belanger Body Care”, and received a treatment from Kay Belanger. Her treatment was different from any massage I had ever received. She released the stuck energy/pain that was locked in my neck and shoulder, by releasing some energy around my heart! Then she worked on my neck to bring back the flexibility that I had lost so many years ago.

After one treatment, my whole neck, shoulder and head area was 80% better! I had forgotten what it felt like to have my neck feel ”normal” again. I will see her a few more times for follow-up treatments, and I am confident that I will recover 100%. I highly recommend her for any physical injury! -Sheila N. Vero Beach, FL

I began my work with Kay because I needed more rehabilitation after surgery. Now that my shoulder is vastly improved, I continue weekly massage as a treat to myself. Receiving regular body work is an antidote to stress. In the past, my back 'went out' once a month. I haven't had that happen since I have been seeing Kay for weekly massages. -Nancy Carle, RN, Lynnwood, WA

I had a mild case of polio at age 17. For the past 5 years, I have had recurring back pain. My love is my flower garden, and this pain stopped me from doing what I love. Before I began receiving Reiki from Kay, I could only work for 15 minutes without taking a 15 minute break. Now I can work for over 2 hours without taking a break! I am 73 years old!-Catherine Joan Walsh, Edmonds, WA


I’ve seen Kay for many different things (feeling stressed, low energy,  a major trauma to my body, etc.), and whether we just talk, or she does some work “on” me, I always come away feeling much better than when I first arrived.

Sometimes it’s a one- time visit, but it may take more than one visit to keep the process going.  For example, I had a major surgery that left me with a surgical wound from my sternum to below my belt line, and I came out of the hospital weighing a mere 115 pounds (down from my regular 147), and I truly believe that without my visits to see Kay, that wound would have taken longer to heal than it did; I have diabetes, and wounds usually take longer to heal than a “normal” person.

Also, my energy level was as low as it had been in years (try going from 147 down to 115 in a month), and without her help, I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the energy to get my butt up and start doing something to regain the muscle I had lost; I was able to join the gym much sooner than expected and walk on the treadmill while I waited for my wound to heal before moving onto weights.

With Kay’s help, I was able to gain 20 pounds in a very short amount of time and start doing the things I used to do during the day on a more regular basis.

I’m not sure what I would do without Kay, and I’m not willing to find out.  Whether it’s for just a “tune up”, or if something a bit more involved, Kay is the first person I call when I want to feel better.

If you’re reading this it means that you’re contemplating whether to see Kay, and from my own personal experiences, I urge you that you do so.  She’s excellent at what she does, and I thank God that I found her.

Jeff Keegan, Edmonds,WA   (425) 231.3722

After many years of traditional talk therapy I was left with no desire to rehash the details of my childhood issues.  I had come to terms with the details but still felt like I was carrying the weight of the experiences in my body.  I felt that I could not move forward emotionally, stuck with this weight in my body.  This emotional feeling had manifested in physical form and I developed severe pain in my heart (thought I was having a heart attack) and my feet. I was literally unable to move forward.  I was seeking an alternative treatment for these ailments as I was clear they were not caused by any physical disease or illness.  I was graced by a friend who told me about Kay and her work with energy therapy. 

From the minute I arrived in Kay's office I knew I was where I was supposed to be.  Kay's methods are gentle, guided by Spirit and are proven to be amazingly effective for me.  I no longer experience difficulty in my feet - I am able to walk forward in my life.  The chest pain was relieved after several visits and I have experienced this amazing cleansing of my Spirit that has opened up my body, mind and Spirit to limitless possibilities.  I am so grateful for the gift of healing that I found working with Kay.  Her loving touch, intuitive guidance and Spiritual connection have forever changed my life. I have gained new hope for the future as I am becoming more and more unburdened by the energetic remnants of my past.  I am free to live more fully present and to embrace my life in a new and exciting way.  I will continue to refer those people in my life who are seeking this same freedom from energetic hold that had me bound.

Peace and love,


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