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Rapid Eye Technology

Rapid Eye Technology is a treatment for emotional stress. It is a spiritual therapy that empowers individuals to live a happy, productive life by releasing negative belief systems, negative thought forms, and emotions—all of which contribute to emotional stress.

At the heart of RET is a spiritual technology that affects the physical, emotional and mental levels. Using blinking, breathing and eye movement techniques, Rapid Eye Technology simulates a condition of sleep known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement), which happens during dreaming and is our body's natural discharge mechanism. During REM sleep we process, clear and integrate our days experiences; the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids and the eyelids blink or twitch. Rapid Eye Technology simulates REM sleep with an eye-directing device moving rapidly in a euro-linguistic pattern in front of the clients eyes.

The peripheral vision picks this up and the brain thinks it is in REM sleep. This fast movement of the wand supports the mind and body in accessing memory. The therapist quickly moves the wand in various patterns to find sources of stress, watching the client’s eye movement for clues. (When we look down we are accessing feeling memory, when we look up we are accessing visual memory, etc.) As the client blinks and breathes deeply, trapped messages and trapped life force energy in the mind and body are accessed and released.

Kay Belanger has advanced certification in Rapid Eye Technology.

What Rapid Eye Technology Offers You

We each have an unconscious belief system stored within the deepest parts of our psyches, composed of emotions and messages that cause distorted perception, irrational behavior and illness. These unprocessed emotions are both a collection of our life experiences and the life experiences of our ancestors. When these unprocessed emotions are stored away, they distort our minds' and bodies' abilities to change energy and remain well. These trapped emotions and messages are stored over our lifetimes, and perhaps transmitted to us from our ancestors' lifetimes through the DNA. (See Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra.) In our genetic material, we all inherited messages through DNA at conception. In fact, many researchers believe that most of our concepts or world-views are received from conception, gestation, birth and experiences. Science and nature have taught that energy is never lost, only changed in form. It is our belief that the wisdom gained during an entire lifetime is not lost, but passed on to future generations. Our DNA carries the imprinted experiences of our parents and our grandparents all of our ancestors in the cells of our bodies. This is cellular memory. A particular pattern will continue to run in a family until the pattern is broken or resolved. Unfinished business from an ancestor can affect our lives and actually show up in the DNA and the eyes (see What the Eyes Reveal, Denny Johnson). As we release unprocessed emotions, we not only heal our lives but also healing the pain of future generations as we pass the gift on to our descendants. The RET process provides a way for trapped, distorted emotional messages to be processed and released from the cellular level within the mind and the physical body. This allows the accessing, processing and clearing of information that has been guarded by the subconscious throughout much of our lives. In a RET session, present issues and underlying trapped life force energy are also addressed. RET appears to clear issues on all levels of the mind-body connection.

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