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Are you at the place in your life that you are wondering why you are in your current situation? "Why am I with the person I'm with? Why did I choose this path? Why am I not happy in the morning when it is time to go to work? Why do I feel like I'm just floating through life and not doing what I really wish I could do?" Maybe you wish you could roll back the clock and make different choices. Maybe you would have done things differently. Some people even seem to have all of the comforts and yet still feel unfulfilled and confused.

When you get to this place in life, it is a perfect time to examine these feelings, make changes and re-evaluate your life. It is much easier to take the steps in Transformational Work and change your life than to stay where you are now! It won't take as long and it won't be as painful as you may think. Changes can be large or small. Created individually with you, your personal transformation will help you find and create what you truly want from your life.

Even small steps can dramatically change how your life unfolds around you.  "Nothing to lose but the behavior that isn't working anyway." The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.  You can change the results!!  Take the first step by calling for an appointment.

 Kay has helped me to change my life. Her gifts are truly amazing. Through our work together, she has helped me to help myself, to become more than I believed I ever could be in this lifetime. A spiritual sculptress, Kay has helped me to create myself all over again. It's truly a wondrous feeling!"
-K. Williams

Thich Nhat Hanh wisely said,

"In the present moment

you might even transform the past"



Life Coaching / Transformational Work

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