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Massage to Align the Mind, Body and Spirit

While massage is the key to healing and recovery and is helpful for achieving a state of deep relaxation, Medical & Injury professional massage can do so much more!

Healing Hands

Professional massage provides access to those places in your body where tension is being held and will help release that tension, eliminating pain, increasing flexibility, increasing circulation and resulting in increased energy. At Belanger Body Care, we take this one step further; we evaluate the patterns of how you hold tension in your body to resolve automobile accident injuries, work injuries, long-held issues with chronic neck, back and/or shoulder pain, recurring sports injuries, and emotional distress. Yes that's a lot of professional certification time to meet your needs and exceed your expectations! With our innovative massage techniques, we explore the relationship between your body and its tension to provide valuable solutions to your body's problems. At Belanger Body Care, we partner education, experience, and knowledge, with intuition and insight. Let's start today toward a life without pain and limitations with scientifically-proven massage therapy techniques!

Our Total Body Healing Services

At Belanger Body Care, we provide a wide range of healing services to accommodate people from all walks of life, with various needs and issues needing resolution and attention. While Belanger Body Care is built on a foundation of appropriate Massage Therapy, Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Acupressure Massage, and others; the key to getting long term and lasting relief and results is working with professional massage therapists that are trained in multiple aspects of massage techniques and other appropriate healing venues.

While we provide comprehensive massage therapy services, we offer a unique approach. We believe that the key to health and wellness lies in bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance and that this can be achieved through a combination of massage, Reiki, personal coaching, meditation, stretching and deep breathing.

Our professional massage therapists provide multiple healing services including:

Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Accident Injury

Medical Massage Therapy  

Work Injury Treatments including OWCP

(postal workers)

Sports and Massage Therapy

Reiki Treatments by a Reiki Master/Teacher

Massage for Chronic Pain      

Life Coaching               

Sound and Light Therapy

Massage for Depression     

Rapid Eye Technology                      

Fibromyalgia / CFS Therapy

Experienced and Licensed Professionals

All of our massage therapists are Nationally Certified and licensed to practice massage by the state of Washington and are specially trained in multiple techniques to insure maximum desired benefits. Our core specialties include medical massage and sports therapy massage. From our significant training, we have a firm grasp on how to use massage, Reiki, breathing, stretching, and other healing arts to benefit individuals of all body types with all manner of physical and emotional complaints.

At Belanger Body Care, we are highly trained, intuitive individuals who will use the right massage therapy to help you recover from an injury, alleviate pain, or improve your sports performance. Call Belanger Body Care today; we are the link between you knowing what you need to do and actually doing it! Start on the road of better health and improved state of mind!

Make an appointment with a Lynnwood/Seattle area Massage Professional today!