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Auto Injury Treatment

Why Seek Massage Therapy Care?

It Might Be More Serious Than You Think. Many people injured in collisions believe that they will feel better in a couple of days or weeks, as long as they reduce their activities, take over the counter medication, and rest.

Medical Issues Related to an Auto Accident.

If you’re involved in a car accident, statistics show that there’s a significant chance that you or someone you love will be injured in that accident. On average one out of every three motor vehicle accidents results in some type of injury.

Some injuries are obvious, but other soft tissue injuries are often undetectable at the time of the accident, showing up as stiffness, numbness, soreness, severe or chronic headaches, which may appear days or weeks after the event. Because there is such a wide range of medical issues possible with an auto accident, it’s important to seek the best medical treatment related to your particular injury or condition. Be sure to see your doctor for a complete evaluation. If you do not have a doctor, Belanger Body Care will be happy to refer you to a doctor that treats auto accidents on a regular basis.

As you consider treatment for your injuries, here are some important things to remember:

Get the Help You Need - When You Need It

By definition, accidents aren't planned, so when you’re involved in accident, you'll primarily be reacting to your situation. If the accident is serious, someone will most likely be administering emergency medical care to you or someone you love.

If the accident requires a visit to a hospital or emergency room, cooperate fully with the medical professionals and staff and allow them to perform whatever tests they believe are needed to address any immediate or life-threatening medical conditions. Listen carefully to their questions and give them as much information as possible about your symptoms.

If your injury or condition requires ongoing care, the emergency room doctors will recommend that you see your family doctor, or a specialist. Generally speaking, the more severe your injury the more specialized your care needs will be.

Key Strategy

Once your out of immediate danger, take time to evaluate your situation and come up with a plan. Listen to the recommendations of your ER Doctors or your Family Doctor (PCP- your Primary Care Physician) and ask questions about your medical options. Make sure you find the right doctor(s) for your specific needs. All soft tissue injuries respond to and heal from Medical Massage Therapy which is offered at Belanger Body Care.

Post-Accident Pain - Uncovering "Hidden" Injuries

When an accident occurs some injuries are obvious. Broken bones, bruising, and bleeding from cuts or lacerations are all signs that let you and others around you know that you’ve been hurt. This type of injury typically gets “discovered” and treated right away. But there are other, less obvious injuries that occur, even in seemingly minor accidents, which are just as real but far more difficult to recognize, diagnose, and treat.

These “hidden” injuries are less obvious and usually result from the stress and strain put on your body from the force of impact of the collision between your vehicle and another object. These injuries typically take longer to appear than other blunt trauma injuries and the injured person may not even begin to feel symptoms or become aware of their condition until days, weeks, and even months after the fact. Adding to the difficulties of these conditions, “hidden” injuries are often impossible to test for with traditional diagnostic equipment such as x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans. These machines do not register this kind of soft tissue injury, even though both the damage and pain are very real.

The most common form of “hidden” injury – is soft tissue injury or (myofascial injury), which is more commonly described as muscle pain resulting from soft tissue damage. It is also referred to as “whiplash,” when it involves the neck. This is too often treated lightly or even dismissed by the general public. Many times, even the injured party ignores what their own body is telling them. But make no mistake, these are serious injuries that must be recognized and treated in order for full recovery to occur.

What to do When Injured

  1. File a claim with your auto insurance carrier or employer

  2. See your doctor immediately

  3. Obtain a prescription/referral for massage therapy

The injuries that result from whiplash or whiplash-related disorders can range from as minor as mild muscle strain or slight tearing of soft tissues up to nerve and disc damage or even ruptured ligaments and fractured vertebrae. It can also cause symptoms into the back and arms. Symptoms of these injuries also range from mild to severe, including headaches, shooting pains, difficulty or soreness during full range of motion, tenderness, swelling, and muscle spasms.

Whiplash injuries can begin presenting mild symptoms immediately but most often it takes between 24 and 72 hours (1-3 days) before it’s clear just how severe the injuries actually are. In all but the most serious cases, whiplash will not be diagnosed by a machine but instead must be described by the injured patient. If you’ve been involved in a collision and are in pain but you have not seen a doctor or been diagnosed, it’s important to make an appointment and be examined immediately.

Treatment for whiplash may range from self-care like ice packs and pain relief (acetaminophen) and anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) medications, to professional medical treatment including medical massage therapy. Regardless of how severe the injury or significant the treatments, the important thing is to recognize the injury and get the help that you need to recover.

Massage therapy offers a natural treatment approach that relieves musculoskeletal pain from traumatic injury for many patients. Extensive formal training and practice is required before a massage practitioner is eligible for a license in the state of Washington. Once licensed, the massage practitioner is subject to health care laws and regulations.

Injured Patients

If you have suffered from an auto accident or a work related injury; you will benefit from massage therapy. Massage allows your body to heal quickly by increasing circulation to the injured areas. It reduces pain and swelling as well as alleviating stiffness which often occurs after an injury. As well as shortening the healing time, massage allows more range of motion and increased mobility.

Massage Techniques

There are many techniques that a massage practitioner will use when treating a patient’s condition following a traumatic injury, including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Friction Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, and Connective Tissue Massage. These techniques involve increasing blood circulation, reducing swelling, relaxing muscles, loosening tissue, relieving muscle spasms, breaking apart scar tissue caused by immobilization, reducing pain, and/or increasing motion.

Treatments Include:

        Medical Massage Therapy

        Ice/Heat Application

        Lymphatic Drainage


        Body Ergonomics Information

        Prevention Education

        Stretches for the affected areas

Keys to Quick Recovery

Immediate treatment as prescribed by your medical provider. Make sure you take advantage of all available treatments insuring quickest recovery and best results.

Be sure to ask your primary provider for referrals for rehabilitation therapy, massage therapy or other services that they feel may be beneficial.

Immediate appropriate medical massage treatments to reduce the risk of scar tissue and pain, as well as swelling and stiffness.

Doing the above and following recommendations of your care team will insure shorter healing time.

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